Frequently Asked Questions

You can find them on the About page here.

Cancelling a site less than 14 days before the arrival date forfeits one night's camping fee. Refunds are given, less a $15 handling fee, for cancellations farther in advance than that.

Campers can reserve sites one year in advance. If you want to reserve the same site for next year you can do that anytime while you are with us. At 1:00 Sunday your site will be opened up for anyone else to book it for the following year.

We certainly welcome tenters. Any site may be used for up to two tents, or for one camper and one tent. Additionally, we have quite a few primitive sites available; some can handle more than ten camping tents.

No; Wisconsin campground regulations only allow one RV unit and one tent on a site.

Our normal check-in is 1:00. Early checkin is $10, providing site is available.

Checkout time is 11:00 for cabins and 12:00 for campsites. Late checkout may be available; please check with us in the office if you would like to stay later.

Since one of the owners is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a Vietnam vet, we have a special affinity for military veterans. Contact us for more details before you book your site.

No, we are not.

Visitor passes, or day passes, are required for anyone not registered as a camper. Stop by the office to get a pass.

About half our sites are reserved for seasonal campers; 2021 seasonal rates range from $2,300-$2,600 plus tax. Since situations often change for our campers, seasonal sites periodically become available. Check with us in the office if you would like to know more.

Please dispose your garbage and recycling in the appropriate dumpsters located near the park entrance.

We allow both electric and gasoline powered golf carts, but not mopeds or electric scooters. Golf carts must be registered at the office, where you will be given rules governing their use. The highlights: licensed drivers only, headlights required after dark, no overloading, and no cruising around after 11.

We are a pet-friendly campground. Our rules are the same as virtually every other campground: pet must be leashed, cannot bother other campers with their barking, no aggressive behavior, are not allowed on any sand or in the swim pond, cannot be in any building except as specifically authorized by management. You must clean up after your pet.

We have a dog park just to the north of the park entrance.

Our store hours vary and are posted on the store porch; the building may be closed during special events. Typical hours during the camping season are:
Mon: 9-5
Tue: 9-5
Wed: 9-5
Thu: 9-5
Fri: 9-9
Sat: 8-9
Sun: 8-4

Every Saturday we host a happy hour on the store patio. If the weather doesn't cooperate we move to our pavilion. This is an informal social event that brings together both seasonals and day campers; either bring your own beverage or purchase one in our store. We provide popcorn at no cost to you during happy hour.

The pond may be used from 8 am until dusk.

Our pond is 12 feet deep. It covers about 3/4 acre and has a liner and a sandy bottom. There are no fish in the swim pond.

Definitely not! Once you are registered at our campground all the pond toys and other activities are available at no additional charge.

Nothing. Minigolf is free to play; get a putter and golf ball right outside the store.

Nothing that goes boom or into the air is allowed. Sparklers are OK.

We do not have fishing available. We did stock two ponds in our wetlands, but to the best of our knowledge there are no fish still remaining. The nearest lakes for fishing are Fox Lake (15 miles east) and xxx Lake in Pardeeville (7 miles west).

Take the road right below the rock wall out into the open field. The first tee and basket are to the left. Course maps are available in the store.

At the moment, we do not rent golf carts. We are considering adding that amenity in the near future.

You will find two washers and two dryers in the laundromat located in the basement of the owners' home. It's just uphill from the dump station- look for the sign on the right. The machines all take quarters- we can make change at the store if you need some.